User agreement

  1. General Conditions
      1. By using RaceONE’s services or RaceONE’s products, software, information streams and services that have been provided to you on, from or via RaceONE’s website or mobile application (henceforth referred to as “the Service”), you agree to the establishment of a binding contract with RaceONE. The term “RaceONE” refers to RaceONE AB, whose main operations are conducted at Holtermansgatan 1, Gothenburg, Sweden.
      2. Your legally binding contract with RaceONE consists of the conditions in this document, (“the Conditions”).
      3. The conditions constitute a legally binding contract between you and RaceONE concerning your use of the Service. It is important that you take the time to carefully read the Conditions.
      4. The Conditions are applicable to all users of the Service, including users that are also contributors of Content to the Service. “Content” includes text, graphics, photographs, audio and videos that you contribute to the Service.
      5. In order to use the Service, you have to first approve the Conditions. If you do not approve the Conditions, you are not entitled to use the Service.
      6. You may approve the Conditions by confirming the approval when creating your account. You understand and approve that RaceONE will regard your use of the Service as an approval of the Conditions from that point in time and onward.
      7. RaceONE reserves the right to make changes to the Conditions, e.g. in order to accommodate legislative changes or updates related to the features offered via the Service. Therefore, you have to regularly read the conditions in order to verify any changes. The modified version of the Conditions (“Modified Conditions”) will be made available through the Service (for additionally updated conditions). If you do not accept the Modified Conditions, you must stop using the Service. Your continued use of the Service after the date of which the Modified Conditions were made available will be regarded as representing your approval of said Modified Conditions.
      8. In order to be given access to certain elements or parts of the Service, you have to create a RaceONE account. When creating your account, you have to provide the correct and complete details. It is important that you store your password to your RaceONE account in a safe and confidential manner.
      9. You agree that you are solely responsible (vis-à-vis RaceONE and other parties) for all activity that takes place on your RaceONE account.
    1. Purchase Conditions
      1. Some of the Services provided by RaceONE are subject to fees. Payment for services only concern the RaceONE account used at the time of purchase.
      2. RaceONE is not responsible for any fees that the telephone network operator levies for sending or receiving data when registering and using RaceONE’s services
    2. Copyright
      1. As the holder of a RaceONE account, you may provide us with Content. You understand that all such Content is not maintained confidentially.
      2. You maintain ownership rights to your Content, however you are obligated to grant limited licencing rights to RaceONE and other users of the Service.
      3. You are aware of and accept that you are solely responsible for your Content and the consequences of posting or publishing it. RaceONE is neither responsible for nor endorses any Content, opinions, recommendations or advice expressed therein. Furthermore, RaceONE is not under any circumstances responsible for the Content.
      4. You are aware of and understand that, when using the Service, you may be exposed to Content that is factually incorrect, offensive, indecent or otherwise objectionable. You hereby waive the right to cite any legal rights that you have or may have vis-à-vis RaceONE that are attributable to such Content to the extent permitted by applicable law.
      5. When uploading or posting Content to RaceONE, you grant:
        1. RaceONE global, non-exclusive, free and transferrable licence (with sublicensing rights) to use, reproduce, disseminate, process, display and present the Content in connection with the provision of the Service and RaceONE’s operations, which include but are not limited to marketing and redistribution of the Service or parts of the Service (and processing thereof) in any media format and through any media channels
        2. all users of the Service a global, non-exclusive and free licence to access your Content through the Service and to use, reproduce, disseminate, process, display and present such Content to the extent permitted by the features of the Service and these Conditions.
    3. Exclusion of Warranties and Limits of Liability
      1. No provision of the Conditions may affect legislated rights that you are always entitled to as a consumer and which you may not contractually change or relinquish.
      2. The service is provided “as is” and RaceONE does not offer any warranties to you with regards to the Service.
      3. RaceONE especially does not guarantee that:
        1. your use of the Service will meet your requirements,
        2. your use of the Service will take place uninterruptedly, timely, safely or error-free,
        3. information you acquire through your use of the Service is correct or reliable, and
        4. flaws in the operation or functionality of software provided to you as part of the Service will be corrected.
      4. No prerequisites, warranties or other conditions (including implied conditions, such as satisfactory quality, appropriateness or compliance with descriptions) may be stipulated in relation to the Service in addition to the extent expressly stated in the Conditions.
      5. The Conditions do not exclude or limit RaceONE’s liability for loss that cannot be exempt or limited according to applicable law.