Privacy policy

  1. Guided Heroes AB maintains a registry of its customers and users who have registered and/or purchased something from Guided Heroes AB.
  2. The registry contains personal details that you choose to provide to us:
    1. Name
    2. Postal address
    3. Electronic addresses
    4. Delivery, payment and purchase details
    5. Password and account age
    6. User details that you choose to provide us with for research purposes (ratings, reviews, survey responses etc.)
    7. Social media accounts
  3. The registry also contains information based on your use of our services
    1. Details on what races you have participated in and the results you have achieved in them
    2. Details of people you have followed and of those who have followed you during races
    3. Behaviour details, such as usage, search patterns and how you navigate through our services
    4. Details on your most recent use of our Services, e.g. data traffic and other communications data, as well as what resources you have access to
    5. Details regarding your mobile phone and software, such as unique ID, your IP address, operating system, type of web browser, battery status, connection speed and internet provider.
    6. Details on geographical position while using our services
  4. Guided Heroes uses the personal details for:
    1. Our contractual relationship in order to:
      1. Provide you with our services and to be able to manage our contractual relationship.
      2. Customise your experience of the Services provided to you personally based on your usage and behaviour in order to provide the most interesting content to you, at the right time and place.
      3. Handle payments for your account and send order and invoicing details to you.
      4. Administer your payments in your account and send you order and invoicing details.
      5. Send mobile push notifications if you wish to receive current information.
      6. Communicate with you regarding your subscription or account, or when ordering our Services.
      7. Make announcements regarding changes to our Services.
      8. Provide services and carry out user surveys, which help us provide you with a better experience of our Services.
      9. Send you offers, news, information, products or services that you request.
    2. Our legitimate purposes in order to:
      1. Carry out analyses on an aggregated level with the purpose of improving our products and services.
      2. Improve our Services, identify violations and protect your details with the help of log files.
      3. Send you product offers, news, information as well as products or services that we believe you could be interested in, including customised adverts according to what you are most likely interested in.
      4. Perform analyses and acquire statistics in order to improve our Services.
      5. Lodge or defend legal claims
    3. Marketing purposes in order to:
      1. To provide you with direct marketing via e-mail or SMS, which may contain various offers, news or information in connection with our Services, if you have consented to the aforementioned. Please note that you may, at any time, opt out of such messages by changing the preferences of your account by going to the profile page in the Guided Heroes app.
    4. We may also process your personal details if required in order to fulfil any legal obligation or decision made by an authority.
    5. The processing of personal details that takes place is used for the following purpose and with the support of the Swedish Data Protection Regulation. Item 2.4.a is necessary for us to fulfil our contract with you. Item 2.4.b is required for our legitimate interests in developing, managing, protecting and marketing our Services, and for the commercial and strategic management of our business. Item 2.4.c only will only take place if you have consented to such processing.
  5. Guided Heroes may disclose personal details to partners, sponsors and advertisers in order to customise content, ads and offers. Such details will only be provided if we have received your consent.
  6. As described above, we may also use details on an aggregated level in order to control how our Services are used with the purpose of improving and developing them. We may disclose such aggregated details to third parties, e.g. content partners and advertisers. Aggregated details of such nature do not contain any personal details that can be connected to you.
  7. We may also provide personal details to third parties if we have reason to believe that it is necessary to do so in order to:
    1. Fulfil our legal obligations, such as responding to lawsuits, enforce court orders or comply with search warrants and other actions permitted by law
    2. Protect our rights or assets related either to our own safety or that of our customers or employees,
    3. Prevent abuse or fraudulent, harmful, unauthorised or unlawful use of or subscription to our Services, and to protect our network and our Services, units and users from such use,
    4. Lodge complaints or defend ourselves against complaints or legal claims in a court of law, as well as administrative and other processes
    5. Determine credit risks, issue reports and acquire payment for our Services,
    6. Carry out fusions and company acquisitions, assuming that the potential buyer or seller commits to respect your personal details in a manner that corresponds with our privacy policy,
    7. Comply with external auditors and regulatory agencies.
  8. We may hire third party suppliers to carry out services for us, such as provide infrastructure and IT services (e.g. data storage), manage credit and debit card payments, provide services to our customers, collect debt assessments, improve details, process customer inquiries and carry out other statistical analyses. The third-party suppliers have access to your personal details when they carry out these services, however they are only entitled to process them on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions.
  9. Your personal details that you provide may be transferred to and stored in a location outside the European Economic Area (EEA), including any location that may have been deemed inadequate by the EEA in terms of protection levels. The personal details may be disclosed to partners that are based outside the EEA and may be processed by staff hired by our suppliers. Said staff may for instance be tasked with completing your order, managing your payment details and provide our support services. We take all reasonable and necessary measures to ensure that your personal details are processed safely and in accordance with this privacy policy and we have taken appropriate safety measures to protect them. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to know more about these safety measures.
  10. We save your details as long as required for the purposes described under item 2.5 above. We then either erase them in a secure manner or anonymise them in certain cases. We regularly carry out inspections to determine when personal details are to be erased. Since we process your personal details for different purposes, the amount of time your details are actually saved will vary depending on the circumstances. After 26 months of inactivity (no activity and no login to the Guided Heroes app), we will contact you and ask that you log in to your account in order to keep the service active. If you choose not to log in to the account, it will be erased. Normally the following storage periods apply:
    1. User details – until the account is erased (processed for one additional month)
    2. Account details – until the account has been erased (processed for one additional month)
    3. Customer service details – 3 years
    4. Transaction details – 3 years
    5. Crash logs and log files – 3 months
    6. Race results – 25 years
  11. We protect your personal details in the best possible manner. All personal details provided to us are stored on secure servers and we apply robust processes to protect them against loss, abuse, unauthorised access, modifications, disclosure or destruction. Even though we work hard to protect your personal details, we cannot guarantee that the security measures we apply will prevent all attempts at unlawful access, use or disclosure of your personal details. However, we have contingency routines in place to quickly resolve any physical or technical incidents and limit any negative effects of such incidents.
  12. If you would like more information on your personal details or how they are processed, you may contact us at These are some of the rights you have in this context:
    1. Right to rectification: if you feel that any personal details we process are incorrect, you are entitled to demand rectification.
    2. Right to erasure of personal details (also known as the “right to be forgotten”): under some circumstances, e.g. if your personal details have been processed in an unlawful manner or if you have recanted previously granted consent (if the personal data processing is based on consent), you are entitled to demand that we erase your personal details (which we will subsequently do).
    3. Right to limiting the data processing: under certain circumstances, e.g. if you dispute the validity of your personal details or if you contest the claim that we have a legitimate interest in processing your personal details, you are entitled to demand that the processing of your personal details is limited until a solution has been found.
    4. Right to contest the processing: under certain circumstances, e.g. if you question whether we have a legitimate interest in processing your personal details, you are entitled to contest the processing for reasons related to your specific situation.
    5. Right to computer portability: if the processing of your personal details is carried out automatically either because you have consented to such processing or because it is required in order for us to fulfil our agreement with you, you are entitled to demand that we provide your personal details in a machine-readable format to make it possible to transfer them to another entity responsible for personal data.
    6. Right to file complaints with a regulatory agency: you are entitled to file complaints regarding our processing of your personal details to the authorised regulatory agency.