World Virtual Challenge 5k Sept 2021

World Virtual Challenge 5k Sept 2021

1-30 september 2021
Virtuellt - Delta var som helst
5 km
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RaceONE International

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Each month, we lift a cause that we believe in - this month we focus on Afghanistan Emergency Fund.

This race, you can run anywhere - and all you need is a mobile phone.



  1. Join the race and complete it before the month is over
  2. Invite your friends - both to join and to follow you during the race!

We donate 10 USD for every additional country where we have runners completing 5k.
We donate 0.5 USD for every additional person that follows you when you run!


ABOUT Afghanistan Emergency Fund
Across Afghanistan, thousands of civilians have been killed and hundreds of thousands have been forced from their homes. With the Taliban now in power, families, communities, and livelihoods are more threatened than ever. GlobalGiving is working closely with our partners on the ground to get emergency support to people in Afghanistan and those fleeing the country. Your donation will go to vetted nonprofits working in the region, as well as those working to help Afghan refugees.


This rapidly unfolding humanitarian emergency is dangerous for all Afghans but women, children, activists, and journalists are particularly at risk. Access to food is even more difficult for many families and staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic poses additional challenges. We know from our ongoing work in the country that it is vital to get funds to locally-led nonprofits that can provide both emergency relief as well as long-term support to their communities.


Our partners are helping those who are most at risk-including women, children, and activists-stay safe. Your donation will support their life-saving work. All donations to this fund will support both emergency and long-term relief in Afghanistan. As additional needs emerge from this rapidly changing situation, we will support the efforts of vetted organizations that are local to impacted areas.
How Your Donation Will Be Used

When you donate to GlobalGiving's Afghanistan Emergency Fund, your donation will be used to:

- Provide urgent support to locally-led organizations helping people and families across Afghanistan
- Support women, activists, and journalists
- Help refugees fleeing Afghanistan
- Assist in resettlement and advocacy for Afghan refugees arriving in the United States and other countries around the world
- Meet other emerging needs during this rapidly changing situation


If you prefer donating on your own, please use the link below!

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