One app to follow all races

The RaceONE idea was born alongside the track. Marlene Kanto found that both as a participant and spectator there was something missing during races.

As spectator she didn’t feel included, long periods of time were simply boring and it was hard to get information about what has happened in the race.

As participant it was hard to share how things were going and family and friends couldn’t get a feel for how the race had gone until after the finish.

There was a big opportunity to improve the experience and create a connection between spectators and participants at race events and that is when RaceONE was born.

Best way to follow races

No matter if you are on site or follow the race from distance. RaceONE should be the best way to follow the race.

All races in one app

We want to have all competitions with courses, such as cycling, running and skiing in the race.

First choice for organizer

We want to be the organizer’s first choice when it comes to providing an enhanced experience during races.