World PI Week 2023 #GoZebra #ZebraRun - 5km

World PI Week 2023 #GoZebra #ZebraRun - 5km

Start time
22-29 April 2023
Type of race
Virtual - Participate anywhere
5 km
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Race description

April 22-29 is World PI Week and the #GoZebra campaign in Sweden!

Virtual races #ZebraRun: Walk, jog or run together or individually. Challenge your family, friends, neighbors, classmates and co-workers. We will tally all races and walks (both with the RaceONE app and all walks registered directly via the PIO website). Read more about the #GoZebra campaign at:

Feel free to share information about the campaign on social media and tag #GoZebra and #ZebraRun. You can choose to register for one race at a time or for all three races. Registration fee SEK 100/race, alternatively SEK 250 if you register for all three races. Children/youths under 18 pay SEK 50/race.

The difference between a virtual race and a regular race is that you decide WHEN and WHERE you want to run the race, during the campaign week. You register your participation digitally, in the RaceONE app. The app is free to download and use. (Register your race directly using the RaceONE One app, or manually afterwards if you prefer to use a GPS watch or other training app to register your run. Don´t forget to register your results by 23:59 on April 29th.)

Do I have to use the app while running/walking?
No, but with the RaceONE app, family, friends and others can see and follow your race. If you leave your phone at home, you can upload the result afterwards. Keep in mind that if you perform your activity on e.g. a treadmill, you have to record your time manually afterwards even if you have your phone with you, because the app records your distance covered using GPS.

How does the app work and how do I use it?
All answers to technical questions about the RaceONE app can be found here:

Download the app here: AppStore: or GooglePlay: se.raceone.raceoneapp&hl=sv&gl=US

Do I have to run to participate in the campaign?
No, you can walk, jog, run or move in any way you prefer.

Why is PIO organizing #GoZebra #ZebraRun?
To spread knowledge about primary immunodeficiency and to raise money for PIO's research fund. (The registration fee covers the cost of the race and the surplus goes to PIO).

How long are the races?
1 km, 3 km and 5 km. Excellent distances for walking. It is also possible to cover a part of the distance one day, pause your race in the app and continue another day.

If I cannot enter the race during the campaign week, can I enter at a later time instead? Unfortunately not, but you can run/walk the race exactly WHERE you want.

How to pay for your race on RaceONE?
You can pay via Swish or card payment.

Can I make a group registration and pay by invoice?
Yes, companies that purchase more than 10 registration fees for employees can pay by invoice.

Some participants in the race

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Erik Sebö
#513 Steripolar
2023-04-28 08:37
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Chatarina Söderman
#514 Steripolar
2023-04-28 16:03
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Sofia Fridh
2023-04-29 13:07