Julkalenderutmaningen Lucka 8

Julkalenderutmaningen Lucka 8

Start time
Wednesday 8 December 2021
Type of race
Virtual - Participate anywhere

Race description

RaceONE's Christmas Calendar Challenge 2021!

Challenge yourself and your company to try to walk or run for 24 days!

Every day a new window is opened with a specific time for you to be active.
The more windows you manage to complete, the more chances you have for the raffle prizes.

  • The team must consist of 4-10 participants
  • Every day a new window is opened and the window is only possible to perform during that particular day
  • When the window is opened, you get to know the time you are going to walk or run that day and it varies between 20 to 50 minutes
  • Each participant who manages to fill today's window gives his team another ticket with a chance to win one of all our awesome prizes
  • The more you motivate your team members to cope with the various windows/ days, the more chances you have to win one of the prizes
  • On certain days on certain days, there will be a raffle of prizes and each drawn slot until then gives you more opportunities to win, for example 10 December a prize will be drawn and all team members' performed days from 1 to 10 December will give you additional tickets to the draw

More info:

Some participants in the race

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Tomas Andre
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Nicholas Roman
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Andreas Höye
Team Irisity

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