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One race app for your event

Marketing of your race

Promote your race to participants from similar races so you can reach a broader audience. RaceONE highlights suitable races by analyzing trends and your friends’ races.

Direct communication with participants and audience

Send information to participants and audience through the app and push messages. It’s also possible to have detailed race information to all users that is interested by your race.

Commentator support and big screen

Make commentating easier and better with our commentator support with in-depth information about the race and its participants. You can also broadcast the live tracking of participants to a big screen.

Results and live tracking

Connect RaceONE with results and let the users get results by push messages. Also let the participants share the race with live tracking where family and friends can see the location of the participant in realtime.

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Organizers opinions on RaceONE


Borås Swimrun

Västkusten runt

“With RaceONE it will be more fun and easier for the spectators to follow near and dear in the race. It will bring great added value for the event”

Sandra Krook, Coordinator

“RaceONE is an innovative and pioneering service that makes it possible in a completely unique way to follow the contestants through an event. Perfect for both the audience and those following via mobile phone!”

Jonas Colting, Event director

“For Västkusten Runt as a long race will RaceONE mean that both participants and spectators and families have a better opportunity to follow their riders during the race. We eagerly await RaceONE”

Jonas Birgersson, Project manager

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Send your course

For us to be able to add your race in the app we will need the course(s) in some type of map format along with the essential race information such as desired split times.

Additional services to enhance the experience

Live tracking is free, but there are many other services to enhance the experience of the race for participants and followers as detailed race information in the app, the ability to communicate important information to participants and followers via the app and push, big screen and commentator support, sponsorship and much more. We are happy to review the possibilities when you contact us.

Share info about RaceONE

RaceONE is a popular service but it’s hard for your participants and spectators to use it if you do not give them information about it. Make sure to share the enhanced race experience by using newsletters, homepage and social channels – you will immediately notice the difference!

Are you race organizer? Contact us for more information!

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