Full time in Gothenburg.

About RaceONE

RaceONE is a company that want to change the way we share and follow races such as running and cycling. By making the experience LIVE with results, GPS-tracking, video, photos and much more. Our goal is to gather all races in one app and give you a new experience of the race. Today the participant(s) disappear right after the start and the audience is without knowledge 99% of the race. We are going to change that!

The team consists of passionate runners, cyclists, orienteerers, soccer players, developers, sales and much more. The app is currently in Sweden and Norway but we have also had races in Finland, Estonia, Italy and United kingdom. We are working together with organizers such as G√∂teborgsvarvet, V√§tternrundan, Vansbrosimningen, Holmenkollstafetten, Rom Marathon and hundreds of other race organizers that have chosen RaceONE as it’s official race app. We have been the most downloaded app on Google Play and Apple App store and now we hope that you want to help us get there many more times.

About the job

As a fullstack developer you will build solutions for both frontend and backend. You will have responsibility with the team to prioritize when to do what, how to do it and pick the right tool/framework for the work. You will also analyze statistics and take actions based on your findings.

You will develop

  • RaceONEs app
  • Algorithms for example to handle GPS locations / routes
  • Live video solutions
  • Integrations with external data providers
  • Admin and organizer portal
  • Testing, unit-tests

Our offer

As a new developer at RaceONE you will get a personal introduction that is customized for your needs. We believe that your personal development is important, so we have subscriptions on educational services that can be used and we also do other activities such as hackathons or visit seminars to learn great stuff. We try to have some fun together (besides coding), for example we sport together at lunch. We have cabin days where we travel and live together to do work and some nice activities. We try to celebrate our achievements whenever possible.

Our stack

  • C#
  • SQL-Server
  • ASP.Net
  • Websockets
  • Cordova
  • Javascript
  • AngularJS
  • Azure
  • Redis
  • Java
  • Objective-C
  • Gulp

Apply for the job

Send us an email (no CV required),