Have them cheer for you

Join the competition and bring your mobile during the race.

RaceONE is using the mobile GPS to let friends and family follow you during your race.

Detailed race information

Family and friends can see how you are doing with detailed race information such as split times, expected finish time, distance, speed and other fun statistics.

Expected time to places along the route

Family and friends can see expected time when you will pass by their position.

Track elevation profile

See when the tough hills starts and how your participant perform – maybe time to cheer a bit extra?

Compare multiple participants simultaneously

Follow all your friends simultaneously in the same race and see how they perform in relation to each other.

Cheer, before, during and after the race

Take the opportunity to send a greeting during the race to send some extra energy. As a participant you can summarize your expectations or of how it went to all your followers.

Get inspired by new races!

Find all races in one app

Find new races with the RaceONE-app

Use the app to explore new races where you can filter by sport, popularity or vicinity to find the type of races that you like.

Follow your friends races

Follow your friends’ races and get notified of their upcoming competitions. You will never miss their competitions again.

Can’t find your race?

There are many races that are not yet listed in the RaceONE-app, so please tell us about the races that you want. We will try to add the race to the app, just email us about it!


FAQ about RaceONE

Battery consumption during a race

RaceONE defines a GPS update frequency for every race and we try to find a good balance between frequent updates to make it fun to follow the race and at the same time make sure the battery will last the entire race. For short races we will update the location every 1-3 second, for longer races we might only track the GPS every 20-30 second. If you know you have a longer race planned you can extend battery life by shutting down other apps and make sure that the mobile is fully charged.

Data traffic during a race

For each GPS update we send the current coordinate along with some other data such as time and speed. It’s a very small amount of data that is being sent from the mobile. So even with a slow mobile connection it will be possible for your friends to follow you during the race.

Price for usage of the app

Live GPS tracking of races is free today, so just download the app, join a race and share to your friends and family so they can support and cheer for you on your next race.

Why do I need to activate the race?

To be able to start the GPS tracking in a race we need to make sure the app is running. Since we know when you are going to start we can let you start the app in advance. When you activate we will start a timer that does not drain any battery and then a couple of minutes before your race start we will start the GPS tracking.

Why didn’t the GPS tracking work?

A smartphone can have multiple apps running simultaneously, but the more apps you have running the more memory will be used. When you open a new app the other apps can be put in “idle” mode to make sure your newest app have the performace that you expect. The operating system might close the RaceONE app if other apps are opened or memory drains by other background apps. If you activate your race and then open several other apps (social media, camera, mail, etc), this will lead to RaceONE getting lower priority and eventually killed by the system. So make sure that RaceONE is the last app you use before you start your race.

My next race is missing in the app

We add new races every week, but since there are so many races available we cannot add them all at the same time. If your race is not in the list, just email us at or send us a race suggestion from the app.