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Live Tracking Using Smartphone

RaceONE uses the built in GPS tracking in your smarttphone to offer live tracking of race participants to let family.

Detailed statistics and cheering during the race

See detailed statistics how the race went, along with information about who followed you and how they cheered for you

All races in one app

Find and be inspired to new races in one app and get race suggestions for races that suits you

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Users thoughts of RaceONE

“I just want to thank you for making such a great app, I'm elite athelete and run the elite class in Långloppscupen and I use the app every time I compete. It's a great app and it's very fun to show my friends, my followers and others that are interested in me and my sport on how i'm doing in the race, see my position, average speed and other unique functions that's in the app. A VERY satisfied used!!! ”

Alexander Jensen

“The app helps me and my husband when we follow each other on races. It gives an enormous boost to meet friends and family along the course. And it's more fun for those who follow to be able to see the participant live instead of just wait at the finish linel!”

Caroline Montini

“The RaceONE app brings my followers closer to "the action" by letting them follow me by time and speed on a map and see if I reach my goals for the race. All this is very appreciated”

Max Ahston

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RaceONE is used, among other, at Göteborgsvarvet, Lidingöloppet and Vasaloppet.
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Some of our races Lidingöloppet 30, Varvetmilen Eskilstuna, Risten Runt 34km

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